Brexit Contingency Plans

2nd January 2019

Dear Customer,

As the date approaches for the UK to leave the EU there may be an impact on our ability to supply products. Almost all of the products in our industry are sourced from or have fundamental parts sourced from the EU.

Plan A – We’re hoping for no change

We hope that there will be no impact in product availability or pricing.

Plan B – Price changes

We are quoting rooms with the assumption that products will continue to be available at similar pricing in April as they are today. If there are small increases as happen from time to time there will be no change to the price you pay. However, if there are significant price increases notified to us by our suppliers before we start work you will have the option to either

a) Pay the increased price

b) Pay for products in advance, taking delivery and storing the products

c) Cancel your order for a full refund

Plan C – Non-availability of products

There is a real prospect that new border arrangements will delay the delivery of products. We normally bring items you’ve ordered into our stock about a week before your job is scheduled to start. If we become aware that products will not arrive in time we may need to reschedule the installation of your room to a later date. At your request, you may pay in full for your products in advance, take delivery and store the products therefore reducing the probability of delaying your schedule.

Your room installation may be affected by both Price changes and non availability of products.

We will keep you informed of the situation as soon as we know ourselves.